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Leather Furniture Offends Vegetarians?

This is an example when political correctness is beginning to go to far. This is from Councilors in Totnes are considering re-covering their furniture with plastic instead of leather in case it offends vegetarians. Officials in the town, which … Continue reading

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Burqua-Style Hospital Gowns for Women

Is the new burqua-style hospital gown being introduced in the Lancashire UK hospitals this fall, an invention of the Middle East Arabs countries? The answer is NO! They are an invention by a British women, Karen Jacob who is the linen services … Continue reading

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Fashionable Burkas?

Exposing the Truth By Sharon Hughes I received an email in response to Part I of Fashionable Burkas? telling me that I would do better if I loved the terrorists: “Your jab at Muslim terrorist women for saying: American soldiers ("filth of the … Continue reading

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Student Barred From Wearing T-shirt Receives Apology From School Officials

“We applaud these school officials, who realized they cannot censor students based on their viewpoint, particularly when students promoting an opposing view are permitted to express their opinions freely,” said ADF Litigation Counsel Timothy Chandler.  SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield … Continue reading

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