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Maryland: Man wearing burqa robs bank

But at least he was able to make a cultural expression in a glorious multicultural society — and that's what's really important. "Police say man wearing burqa robs Md. bank," from AP, August 11 (thanks to all who sent this … Continue reading

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Muslim front row. Christians to the basement

Muslim mats available in the hospital chapel. View article…

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Religion of “We Must Have 13th Century Toilets”

By Debbie Schlussel If you thought low-flow toilets were bad, wait ’til you use “Islamic toilets.”  Forget Islamic foot baths and burqas/niqabs.  This is where it’s at. It’s not just that Islam is filled with hate and intolerance that’s objectionable.  … Continue reading

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Unfreedom Tower at Ground Zero

Just for fun, let’s assume a really fanciful, utterly unimaginable set of circumstances – a real screwball fantasy: Let’s say that a group of religion-drunk psychopaths with dreams of paradise flew a pair of commercial aircraft full of screaming passengers … Continue reading

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Ban The Burqa

Some European countries and now Australia are considering banning the burqa. Senator Corey Bernardi from Australia recently on his blog posted his stance on the burqa: The burqa is no longer simply the symbol of female repression and Islamic culture, … Continue reading

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Is Islam The Religion of Peace?

In the wake of all the recent terrorists attacks and attempts here and abroad, is Islam the religion of peace? Or are we being fed Islam-lite version by CAIR and the media? From an interview with Michael Carl on … Continue reading

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Part One: An Overview of American Islam

By Kathy ShaidleRightSideNews Copyright © 2009 Imagine a Super Bowl with all male cheerleaders and half-time prayers. In that America, they drink Jihad Cola instead of Coke and thank Allah when they win an Oscar. Luckily, that America is fictional, … Continue reading

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The Holocaust

Even those in a position of power and influence, who could have prevented the seriousness of the discrimination, chose not to. Teachers especially, could have helped prevent the younger generation from developing this type of discrimination in schools, out of … Continue reading

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Wahabism the Evil roots of Muslim Terrorism

Writing about Wahabism and Salafi-Islam, could fill many books. I will however in this article, try to make clear why it is of tremendous importance in our time. Both movements are considered as the origin of Islamic terrorism. A lot … Continue reading

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St. Petersburg, FL – Mar 31, 2008 –  Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of, has received numerous death threats from Muslims who want him dead for posting the controversial anti-Muslim movie trailer FITNA on his … Continue reading

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