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Has the West Lost its Manhood?

By Warner Todd Huston The west’s current battle with radical Islam has revealed the worst in both the west and the world of Islam. Obviously from Islam we have seen the intolerance, hatred, oppression and evil in its nature. But, … Continue reading

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Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

By Robert E. Meyer Numerous skeptics and modern historians raise an interesting question that has been hotly disputed in recent years; whether or not America was founded as a "Christian Nation." Generally, secular humanists have tried to refute this claim … Continue reading

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United Methodist Official Opposed to Old Glory?

“The United Methodist Church, under its liberal leadership, is losing over 50,000 members a year, and this church lobby official is oddly worried about getting American flags out of our churches.” —Mark Tooley, Executive Director UMAction _________________________ Washington, DC—An official … Continue reading

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California College Students Attack Pledge of Allegiance

Last week Michele Malkin reported of the attack against the Pledge of Allegiance at a California college. The Orange Coast student trustees decide to drop the Pledge as they felt no need to to recite the Pledge to God and Country. But … Continue reading

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Veteran Wins the Right To Fly the American Flag

How could a homeowner association in America deny the right to fly the American flag, the symbol of our freedom which many died protecting the flag?  The Indian Creek homeowners association has forbidden a U.S. Marine veteran to fly the … Continue reading

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Google Forgets Memorial Day?

Search engine's catchy holiday logos have honored Earth Day, Persian New Year – but not war dead!Did Google overlook Memorial Day or did they just not want to commemorate our fallen soldiers in all our wars. Was the motive to … Continue reading

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