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Making Sense of US Population Growth

By Alan Caruba It’s not very often you will find me agreeing with an avowed environmentalist, but facts are facts and, when it comes to population growth, they are ignored at our peril if America is to avoid sliding rapidly … Continue reading

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Dutch Author Hiding from Islamic Extremists in Holland

by Jim Kouri, CPP From 1998 until 2006, W.G. Van Dorian worked as an attorney in Criminal Law and Immigration Law in The Netherlands and Aruba. As such, Van Dorian came into close contact with terrorism and religious extremism. After … Continue reading

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Gov Arnold Encourages Immigrants To Assimilate Into The American Culture

I do not agree with everything that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says. But one statement he made I do agree 100%, is his views on immigrates. Arnold states that immigrants, such as Mexicans are coming into the United States and are making … Continue reading

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Dutch Official Warns of Islamic Law Could Come to Netherlands

Last week in a post, I reported that Australian Prime Minster made a very political incorrect comment and: . . . recommended all Muslims in Australia to learn the English language, the local customs, and give better treatment to women. … Continue reading

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Muslims Recommended to Learn the Local Language and Customs

This week, Danish police arrested 9 Danish Muslims after they obtained explosive material to used in their terrorist act. Last month two Lebanese men were arrested in a failed attempt to blow up two trains in Germany, and 23 suspects were arrested in … Continue reading

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Mexico Solves Immigration Problem; Becomes Part Of China

A humorous perspective of the illegal immigration issue in the United States.  In a startling announcement, President Vicente Fox of Mexico revealed that his nation has solved its immigration problem with the U. S. by requesting annexation as a province of … Continue reading

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