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New Muslim Outrage Materializes

by Sher Zieve As we in the Western world have come to expect, many Muslims and Islamic organizations claim "outrage" at almost anything and everything they can find. They rioted, burned buildings and vehicles over cartoons that parodied their prophet … Continue reading

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3rd String but Still on the Team

by Nancy Salvato Coaches must produce winning teams or they will be terminated. Managers must make their quotas or they will not be retained. Teachers must ensure that students…oh, wait a minute. Tenured teachers will receive an increase in salary … Continue reading

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California College Students Attack Pledge of Allegiance

Last week Michele Malkin reported of the attack against the Pledge of Allegiance at a California college. The Orange Coast student trustees decide to drop the Pledge as they felt no need to to recite the Pledge to God and Country. But … Continue reading

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Dastardly Diversity

By Thomas E. Brewton Diversity is another word battered beyond recognition by liberals and progressives. Orwellian NewSpeak has made the word diversity into a bangalore torpedo to undermine the defenses guarding civilized society. Liberal-socialists, with our educational system in the … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Raising Geopolitically-savvy Kids

by Erik Rush It's amazing what one can learn about politics – and people – from a ten year-old… My son (the ten year-old) saw the horrible condition of the starving people in Darfur (the Sudanese region in which human … Continue reading

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Muslim Teacher Suspended For Wearing the Veil

The wearing of the Muslim veil in the UK has become a very controversial issue. A Muslim teacher assistant was suspended for not taking off her veil while teaching. She stated that she never denied not wanting to take it off in … Continue reading

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Female Student Arrested For Not Communicating with Non-English Speaking Students

A 14 year old schoolgirl in the UK who was made to sit with a group of non-English speaking Asian students to discuss the projects the class was working on. Codie Stott, the student, went back to the teacher who placed her … Continue reading

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Non-Muslin Female Students Made To Wear The Hijab

The Islamic Madani High School in Leicester, UK has been mandated by the courts to accept 10% non-Muslim students. But all female students must abide with the uniform code, which includes cover their heads with the hijab scarves. Assistant principal … Continue reading

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Public School Teaching Muslim Culture and Faith

Either the Supreme Court is ignorant of Islam or there is a double standard when it comes to religious indoctrination when it is taught in public schools. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by evangelical Christian students and … Continue reading

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Learning How to Think

by Thomas E. Brewton   Progressive educators today proudly declare that they don’t warp students’ minds by teaching specific bodies of knowledge, by teaching to the test; they teach students how to think.  That concept is a meaningless and dangerous abstraction. … Continue reading

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