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Obama Fever

by Jim Kouri, CPP The latest paramour of the denizens of the mainstream media is obviously Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Illinois Democrat. With their superficial sensibilities, the entire big media — including Fox News Channel — appear to want to … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media and Democrats: Terrorists New Best Friends

by Sher Zieve It’s difficult to believe that the American Left could hunker down even further, under the saturated-with-innocent-blood covers, with terrorists who have unequivocally announced their intentions to destroy us. But, it has. Recently, The Factor’s Bill O’Reilly asked … Continue reading

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Media Blast Pop Over Muslim Violence, Ignores Radical Islamic Hate Speech

Again, evidence of the liberal media shows the double standard when reporting only half of the news.  Alexandria, VA – Pope Benedict XVI apologized after a quote from a speech he gave last week offended many Muslims. But that did not quell … Continue reading

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Trinity Broadcasting Network Drops Second Show Dealing with Islamic Jihad

For the second time this year, Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest and longest running Christian network, has canceled a program whose content was all about exposing the jihadist ideology within Islam, which is a major threat to Western free world. Last January, … Continue reading

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Dr. Sallah Sultan: 9/11 Attacks Planned by Americans on the Basis of the Film “The Siege”

Following are excerpts from an address given by Dr. Sallah Sultan, president of the American Center for Islamic Research in Columbus, Ohio, which aired on Al-Risala TV on May 17, 2006. Sallah Sultan: The film "The Siege," starring Denzel Washington, … Continue reading

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