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An Overview Of The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war – also known as the American War in Vietnam, Indochina War and the Vietnam Conflict – took place from the year 1959 all the way through to 1975. The war ended with a North Vietnamese victory some … Continue reading

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The Holocaust

Even those in a position of power and influence, who could have prevented the seriousness of the discrimination, chose not to. Teachers especially, could have helped prevent the younger generation from developing this type of discrimination in schools, out of … Continue reading

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Kentucky Board of Education Joins Efforts to Sanitize History

Politically correct rewritten history has shades of 1984. The Kentucky Board of Education has voted to join the ranks of those who are redefining how time is reckoned. Last month the Board voted to recognize BCE and CE as acceptable … Continue reading

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Students Document Abuse of Black History Month on Campuses

Being polically correct on today’s campuses goes to far when elevating one group of people over another group through abuse. Cross-posted from The National Ledger By Jim KouriFeb 25, 2006 Parents will be surprised — at times shocked — to … Continue reading

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Kids Say The Darndest PC Things

by Michael Bates In last week’s column I wrote that if Illinois’ governor succeeds with his preschool scheme, the kiddies would be sent "off for a fun filled day of government indoctrination on the state’s dime." A teacher who disagrees … Continue reading

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